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Prof. Dr. J.-Matthias Graf von der Schulenburg

Prof. Dr. J.-Matthias Graf von der Schulenburg, born in 1950, is teaching risk and insurance and health economics at the Leibniz University Hannover. He is the director of the Institute for Risk and Insurance and Competence Center for Risk and Insurance, Hannover. Furthermore he is leading the Center for Health Economics Research Hannover (CHERH), which is financed by the Federal Government of Germany. He was the founding president of the German Society for Health Economics and the Vice President of the German Risk and Insurance Association. Besides his appointment to the professorship in Hannover, he was also appointed by the universities of Cologne, Berlin (TU), Ulm and Munich (LMU) as well as by the Science Center Berlin (WZB) and the Helmholtz Center Munich, what he declined.

After he had studied economics and law in Gottingen he joined the Institute for International Economic Relations at the LMU in Munich where he received his PhD. Following one year as assistant professor at Princeton University, NJ, he directed the International Institute for Management at the Research Center Berlin.

Schulenburg is or has been co-editor of several journals, e.g. Health Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory, European Journal on Law and Economics, Quarterly Letters for Social Law and Homo Oeconomicus. Currently he is the editor in chief of the European Journal of Health Economics, the open-access-journal Health Economics Review and the Journal for Insurance Science (Zeitschrift für die gesamte Versicherungswissenschaft).

For his works he was awarded for the first prize for Health Economics of the German Federal Health Department in 1981. He also received the Jan Blanpain Award in 1989, the Alexander von Humbold Award in 1990 followed by the American Risk and Insurance Award in 1992, the Pharmig Award in 1998, the Drustvo Ekonomistov V Zdravstvu (Association of Health Economist of Slowenia) Award 2003 and the Hyppocrates Award 2011. He is a full member of the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz and the European Academy for Sciences and Arts.


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